Thank you

Special thanks goes to my dear friend Steph for volunteering to take all the beautiful screenshots of my clothing for me. If it were just me, you'd be seeing the same CAS background over and over again.


Models are courtesy of my friends: Steph, Bexy, Laurie, Sarah, Brandon, and myself. If you'd like to find out more information about them, I invite you to read the Expose part of the site. It has fun and partly fictional facts about the Aleia models.


Nouk, XM Sims, Raonjena, SunAir, Evanesco, Nikisatez05, Rose Sims, Marko, Seomi and Peggy Sims.


Bruno, Lyran, Gelydh, Aikea Guinea, Justsims 2, Elmazzz, Iced Mango, Xandher, Rensims, Sim Cribbling, and Peggy Sims.


Technomicky, All About Style, Iced Mango, Peggy Sims, Funnyycats, Rose Sims, Callum91, and Elau.


Enayla, Hysterical Paroxysm, Stefan, Rensims, and Knightskykyte.

Set: Walls, Objects, Floors, Etc.

Komosims, Around the Sims, Mango Sims, Murano Mobilia, and Reflexsims.

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