Aleia/WS Groups

- Some of you may know that before Aleia there was Worldly SiMS and then just WS. If you are looking for my sims 1 skins as well as some of my cousin's sims 1 skins, you can find most of them in the groups below.
- I also have an old sims 1 site full of walls and floors. Below, is also the group for that.

WS Main Group

This group is where I keep most of my old skins for sims 1 along with, skins made by my cousins Benji_krazy and Pooka. You can also find out updates about Aleia here if I remember to post it. >_<'

WS The Shack

A group I made to thank frequent visitors at WS. You can get skins that are exclusive to that group and never appeared on the site. This is an open group so anyone is welcome to join but you must wait for an approval by myself or a group mod to gain access after signing up.

WS Storage

This is the storage group for all the old WS downloads. Most of the downloads were from the beginnings of WS back when it was called Worldly SIMS and was hosted on geocities.


You can find various walls and floors for sims 1 here. It was from my old site containing mostly just walls and floors that I ran by myself without my cousins. I think I have a few skin sets here as well, but don't quote me on that.

Sidewalk Sims Marketplace Outlet

A collaboration group with a few friends at the Sidewalk Sims forum. It contains our first few downloads at the old SWS 1 Marketplace site.

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